AAH Certified Hypnotherapist
NGH Certified member
NLP Practitioner
Bilingual (English/Chinese)

Specialized in:

Suggestion Hypnotherapy For stress, Fear, Anxiety, Depression treatment and more..
Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy For weight loss, quit addiction and more..
Adult Novelty Hypnotherapy For relationship improvement, sexual wellness, self enjoyment and more..
Pressure Point Aromatherapy For chronic physical issue management
ASMR Hypnotherapy For relaxation, emotion management and more
Energy Healing Reiki.


Scheduling guidelines and agreements


Initial phone or email consultation: Free
Initial Session for individual: $240 for 2 hours
Initial Session for couples: $340 for 2 hours
Follow up/Regular Session for individual: $200 for 60-90 minutes
Follow up/Regular Session for couples: $300 for 60-90 minutes
Gift cards and Packages, group session options contact me for more details.


Credit cards
Online payment Apps: Paypal, Zelle quick-pay, Venmo, Cashapp
Payment is due at the time of in-person session
Appointments for online sessions require full payment upfront,at the time of booking
Appointments for home visits require 50% payment upfront,at the time of booking

Cancellations / Missed Appointments / Lateness policies

24 hours notice is required for any appointment changes including cancellation, rescheduling and no show..
Any changes made within the 24 hours notice period will be charged a $100 fee or a $100 deposit will be charged upfront for future booking.
I will waive the fee when there is an unexpected pressing situation..
Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to ensure that you start on time.
You will be charged the full session fee regardless of whether or not you arrive on time.


  • Hypnosis is a state characterized by extreme suggestibility, relaxation and heightened imagination. In reality, it is more like daydreaming, or the feeling of "losing yourself" in a good book or movie. You are fully conscious, but you tune out most of the stimuli around you. You focus intently on the subject at hand, to the near exclusion of any other thought. The lightest state of hypnosis is achieved easily. Everyone enters a hypnotic state every day, several times per day. It's that state you are in when you are watching TV, reading a good book, playing video games, and, yes, even driving. It's the state you are in when you are just waking up or just going to bed. You are not fully conscious, but you are not fully unconscious either.In this state you're up to 200 times more suggestible than when you are fully awake. This therapeutic change is brought with your cooperation.

    A hypnotherapy session is a hypnosis session with programming added to achieve an objective (lose weight, stop smoking, etc..) Hypnotherapy can help you make changes in your life. It allows you to focus your attention on a particular goal and you are more likely to follow the suggestions during a hypnotic state. hypnotherapy has medical, therapeutic, physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits.

  • This depends on the person and the issue being addressed. A typical hypnotherapy process consists of an initial session and 4 or 6 follow-up sessions. Some people achieve their goal after the initial session. Some people keep a regular appointment for ongoing support, and others see me as needed.

  • Our session begins with a conversation. We discuss your goal or situation, the session process, and any questions you might have. In the session, I help you let go of physical tension and get your mind into a state similar to pre- and post-sleep, daydreaming, or meditation. You remain conscious throughout the session, interacting with me by signaling or speaking. It is not sleeping, and you do not lose control or go into a frozen, cataleptic state,you do not do anything against your free will. When session is concluded, it is normal to feel so relaxed that you don’t want to move. You can emerge from hypnosis slowly and gently, and you will be able to go about your day normally.

  • I don't take insurance, but we can work out a payment plan.

  • You can choose from coming in to my office(currently 2 offices in NY, Queens and Manhattan) or using online/video/phone from the privacy and comfort of your own home – anywhere around the world.

  • Yes, Children are highly suggestible and usually see results quickly.

  • Intelligence is directly correlated to suggestibility. The more intelligent you are, the more easily you can be hypnotized. People of a below-average IQ find it difficult to go into a hypnotic state. Geniuses are naturally close to a hypnotic state of Alpha most of the time and therefore enter hypnosis easily. This accounts for their ability to transfer information from their subconscious mind to their waking like and bring to the world their creations.

  • You will be in a relaxed state of consciousness under hypnosis. Some people do end up falling asleep and this is okay because your subconscious mind will still hear the suggestions.

  • If you are purposefully resisting hypnosis, it won't work because you are always in control.

  • It can still work, but your results will be better if you are on board with the program.

  • Like making any change in your life, you have to stick with the program to see results. Reaching a hypnotic state does not take motivation, it takes an open mind.

  • Yes, you will always have free will. You will be less aware of your surroundings because you will be focused on suggestions, but you will be able to exit the hypnotic state at any moment.

  • No, you will always be in control.

  • Anyone who wants to make a change in his or her life is a good candidate for hypnosis.

  • Energy healing that involves a Reiki technique using gentle hand movements just above or on the clothed body to guide the flow of healthy energy (what's known in Reiki as "life force energy") through the body to reduce stress and promote healing. Reiki is a form of complementary medicine, there’s evidence it can reduce daily stress and help with management of some chronic diseases.

Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions which apply to my hypnotherapy practice. They are designed to protect your interests as a client. By making an appointment, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

Positioning and ethics

As a hypnotist my job is help you resolve issues and improve your life quality by using hypnotherapy. I do not diagnose, prescribe, cure illness. I will withhold my services if a client's behavior, appearance or statements would lead me to believe that the client should be evaluated by a licensed health care professional. I do not operate on unrealistic or inappropriate requests. I will treat you with trust and respect. You agree to come to the sessions not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, except those prescribed by your doctor. I reserve the right to cancel the session under these conditions.

Confidentiality and privacy

All sessions are professional, private and strictly confidential. Any information collected from you as a client or potential client, will be held in the strictest confidence and I do not keep your records/info of any sort. I do not tell anyone that you are my client. client info will be deleted or destroyed weekly except for ongoing sessions . Your privacy will be respected. The details that you disclose are used for the purpose of providing you with the highest levels of service. No information will be passed on to other parties without your permission.

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